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Welcome Back to the Fall 2011 Semester at Kennesaw State University
My Current Courses are:
  1. Information Systems (IS)2200 on Monday/Wednesday at 8pm
  2. Information Systems (IS)2200 on Tuesday/Thursday at 5pm

    August 2011 --
    East Paulding High School 2011-2012 School Year

    1. Computing in the Modern World - Periods 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, - Year Long CLass 2011-2012
    2. Fundamentals of Webpage Design - Period 3 -- Year Long Class 2010-2011
    3. Advanced Webpage Design - Period 3 -- Year Long Class 2010-2011
    4. Computer Applications - Period 7 - Year Long CLass 2011-2012

    Parent Letter & Class Supply List for 2011-2012

    Parent & Student Information Form 2011 -- Please print and return the form to class1

    Article Review Project Page

    Article Review Handwritten Template

    Article Review Word Template






    February, 2010 -- Speaker at SBMEC (Southeastern Business Marketing Education Conference) in Athens, Georgia -- SBMEC-The_Electronic_Classroom2010.

    October, 2008 -- Speaker at ILC (Innovative Learning Conference) in San Jose, CA --

    NCLB-TRACS 2008.

    June, 2008 -- Speaker at Colorado Ties Conference in Cooper Mountain, Colorado

    Article published in Educator's Ezine --
    ERS (Electronic Rubric System) Means No Errors in Student Assessment

    Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC)-- >Check out my Filemaker Interview Podcast